How many interested in buying replacement sensors?

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I will get to the point. FOR MYSELF I developed a replacement sensor pad for my ZEO. (see other thread in this forum) I made a sensor pad that snaps into a modified backer. This makes it easy to replace the pads, and you only need to modify your backer or buy one that I will make. I am considering letting my son make and sell them. Before we invest some money in material and tooling we want to see if people would be interested.

SO, the big question…

  1. PADS BY THEMSELVES… $10.00 for a set of 3. (probably sets of 6 or 9 for a discount)
  2. Retrofit your sensor with snaps and 3 new sensor pads… $17.00
  3. A new backer (my design remember it is functional) and 3 pads $25.00
    The price would include shipping vial standard mail. (They will fit into a normal envelope)
    If you wanted priority mail it would be a flat rate small envelope for $5.95 plus $1.00 for handling.

IF YOU WOULD BE INTERESTED SEND ME AN EMAIL TO The sooner the better. I would need to order material soon.

So now the background.
I started using my ZEO again but ran out of sensors. Over the past few weeks I have been testing both snaps, and in contact with the people who make the silver cloth for the original sensor. I looked at the for making a new one, but thought that it was a real pain to do that each time.
For my own use, I modified my one and only headband by adding the female snaps (sockets) where the sensors were. I then tried several ways to make new sensors that can snap into the backing. I now have a functional pad, that can snap in place. I am making the sensor a little bigger than the original sensor. The replacement is roughly 3/4 inch square. The originals was roughly 1/2 inch. I expect that the larger size will last a little longer and should get better contact with the skin.
I tested snaps from 4 manufacturers, 6 different double stick tapes from 3M, and have done many prototypes… All worked, but some were a pain to make. I finally have a simple to make, and very functional sensor. It is not the prettiest one I tried, but it works and is easy to make. This will keep the cost down.
I now have enough for myself. I am not that interested in going into business doing this, but my son is interested. If there is enough demand he will make them up in New Zealand and send them to me. I will then do the shipping, here in the US. I am headed down to visit him from early Dec to early February. I would end up making up a lot of them while I am there and bring them back with me. If people wanted them before Feb, we would ship them from New Zealand.

I am willing to invest some money with him to get material and tooling. The people who make the original cloth (MEDTEX 130) tell me that there is a newer better cloth for the sensor, but no one is selling it in small batches. They will sell me a minimum order from the factory, but it will be about $250. I will have enough to make a LOT of pads.

I have also tested a new backer that has the correct snaps on both sides… These will be more functional than esthetically pleasing … I have made some simple tooling to ensure that the backing fits into the sensor. To be honest, it is quicker an d easier to add snaps to an existing backer which looks better.

I am a functional kind of guy, and these will be handmade… but they will work. To keep the cost down, the sensor material is wrapped around 1/4 inch foam and held in place with some very good 3M double stick tape. The same tape will be used to make the backer, so I can avoid sewing things. I am looking into iron on patches, but the double stick tape will let me use whatever materials are on the discount rack. It will probably be a denim back and felt or soft cotton front. With the larger sensors, the backer will not be touching the face. My first test pads were 1 inch square and covered the entire surface, but they could touch each other and I was getting some drop outs.

My son lives in New Zealand, and I will be going there in a few weeks. I will work with him to make up the first ones, and then bring them back here to keep shipping costs down.

Right now I have the backer for a bedside unit. I am willing to make them for the mobile as well. But I would need someone to send me a mobile sensor to be sure that I have a backer that fits.

If there is enough interest, I will go ahead and buy the new cloth, some tools, and other supplies.

If you are interested please send me an email to: IF we make them, they will be available on eBay, and you will have the protection of PayPal, in case there are problems.

A quick reply would be appreciated. I would need to order materials soon.
Again, if this is against forum rules, sorry.

Ted Wilson
I am calling the company Wilson Electronics. (not original, but what can I say)
If this goes into production, I will be creating a new email address as well. But for now use the one I have listed above.

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