How many things can we track passively? (Or almost passively?)

I’m looking for suggestions to what I can track passively (Or almost passively)

So far I’ve found these myself:

  • RescueTime

    • Time spend on computer
  • Instant

    • Location

    • Phone usage

  • Google fit

    • Steps
  • Hydro coach

    • Water intake
  • Oura ring

    • Sleep quality
  • Bitesnap (Not completely automatic)

    • Track food with photos

What other tools can I use for automatic/passive/easy tracking?

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Get mbientlab (s) for temp motion(movement) pressure light. Smart phone can do light and and also a lot of sound if only I could get that to work. Pleismograph smart bands can poorly detect blood oxygen, heart rate ecg hrv pressure and cost as little as 40$. Except the cheap ones are bad at all that. Try contec.

  • for music (automatic using e.g. Simple Scrobbler)
  • for movies (integrates with some media players)
  • Goodreads for books (automatic with Kindle)
  • Withings or Fitbit weight scale (not passive, but quick and easy)
  • FreeStyle Libre for blood sugar
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Thanks, Eric. There are some interesting ones on this list.

Financial data could be tracked with

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I like the android app Digital Wellbeing. It breaks down your on-phone screen time and shows you a percentage breakdown of use through different apps.

I use my phone a lot for work and play so this sometimes offers great insight.

Can you export data for free?

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Can you export data for free?

Hmm I just googled it and it seems you can’t export data at the moment.