How Personal Happiness can be achieved with goal setting apps?

Personal Happiness can be achieved with the self-satisfaction. And self-satisfaction comes with the work through we can gain something which is unforgettable. Managing time is the biggest task and goal setting app helps you in managing your time and estimate your goals.

Goal setting app has some plus points:

  1. it has some functions to achieve goals.
    2 it estimates your time.
  2. It schedule your task
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Look at Herzberg’s Motivation-Hygiene theory first: some activities are positive motivators, others are things we do to get them done. Yes, that can become a hyper-Motivation, in a slightly sadistic way, however you’re risking one of the death-spirals, when the system becomes self-referential. It’s better to keep it simple, at least at first, so rewards are direct. Yes, structures like the Time Manager system can help balance a portfolio of possibly conflicting goals, however they struggle with emotions and similar intangibles, Some of your life, hopefully, provides for smelling the roses and being less driven - even if it’s in it’s own box.