How private do you consider your personal data?

I for one, find it fascinating to see other people’s data, and see what conclusions they’ve come to about themselves.
My question is, how many qualms about sharing your biometric data do you have (voluntarily and publicly, as opposed to giving it to a company to improve ad selection…)?
There have been performance art projects like livestreaming a constant video of themself, publishing their every location, etc. I’m curious where people draw the line.

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I like sharing my data in processed form: charts, basically, and explanations about what I’ve learned. I dislike storing my data in non-private data stores. I don’t like to participate in projects that have vague or loose terms of service that seem to imply my device data can be used by anybody – I find it creepy.

I’m a privacy advocate, but I don’t really care that much about most of my QS data. I don’t publish expenses or medical conditions data (fortunately I don’t really have any), but if someone obtained access to, say, my Oura sleep data, what would they do with it? Figure out I had terrible sleep on Halloween? Send me ads about dodgy sleep products? I see those already on Instagram (when I don’t use a browser).

I might be swayed to care more if I came across some stories of this data being abused in surprising ways.

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