How to acquire info about sent e-mails using gmail?

Hi there, I used to be a data junkie, for the two years ago (insight timer, fit bit, browser history, nike fuelband, time doctor) and now I’m preparing to come back with work tools to understand my behaviour and so make better decisions to my life and for my family.

First at all, I have a 6months old daughter and we pay 7 hours per day “school” for her. I used to work at my company, but since my wife started to work again I’m bringing and taking her from school.

I want to choose the “perfect fit time scheduling” to understand if, I can leave her 9 hours thursday, to compensate at friday picking her in 5 hours for example.

One of data that I want to acquire is when I send emails.
I would take every info about my outgoing e-mails, using gmail to understand when my clients ask for me more, and when I answer them.

I actually using this chrome extension, to send bcc emails for another gmail account and after it I did a trigger using ifttt to add new row in a spreadsheet.

But I want to understand my past, my last two years of work. Anyone knows what I can do for achieve it?

I though about reach the metadata from each query in : sent from:myemailaddres, for the last two years. But I couldn’t find a easy/ intelligent way to do it.

Thanks in advance!

I already pick up a solution:
But I didn’t try yet.

Export your gmail account to mbox extension

After, follow this tutorial that present a python script that convert mbox to a .csv file.

You can easily get your gmail data directly from google
They will package it in mbox format, if you can code, then it’s easy to play around with it for example in R. There are libraries that will let you convert the mbox to single email files, and even do some standard processing, see for example

If you have years of emails it will take forever, but eventually you’ll get your files.

If you want to code your own solution, a great API for email is It’s used by Streak (a fantastic tool I can vouch for if you need to organize your inbox into pipelines).

Otherwise, there are a bunch of email visualization services (you can Google for the combo), such as