How to archive entire forums/Facebook walls?

So it used to be easy to archive forums. All I needed to do was to run an Httrack script - and since robots.txt wasn’t widely used back then, it was simple. I could even archive forums even when I was logged on.

Now it’s practically impossible now, especially with the expansion in Ajax usage. I can get something like iMacros to autoscroll to the end of my wall, but then it takes an insane amount of memory consumption. And the main problem, then, is all the “expand” more buttons. Sometimes, you even have to click multiple “expand more” buttons.

So then what gives?

There’s a nice Ruby script that can parse through Quora “expand” more buttons: . After running through that, you can auto-save your entire quora page, and then use DownThemAll to capture all your threads. The only problem, though, is that even that doesn’t capture the exceptional comments in your threads.


Anyways, I posted more over here: