How to automate export to Google Sheets from Google fit, Withings, RescueTime, Google Calendar & Memento Database?

I want to automate the export of data from these services:

  • Google fit
  • Withings
  • RescueTime
  • Google Calendar
  • Memento Database

How it should work:

  • It would be best if it automatically pulls the data into Google Sheets as it arrives, but it’s not necessary
  • It could also just export from all services at some regular interval
  • I would also like to be able to do the export to Google Sheets on demand

I do know how to code, but have never worked with API’s before.
I’m okay with either coding it myself or using existing no-code solutions.

How would you guys suggest doing this?

I’ve been looking into something similar. I want to integrate all my tracking data from several devices and manual tracking into Airtables (later I would like to develop a dashboard/analysis with the Airtable as database backend). Nevertheless, for the automated export I found Integromat service to work brilliantly.

Here is an example of my setup syncing new data from Fitbit to Nomie and Airtables daily:

I could explain in greater detail how to set it up if you wish. So far, I have experience only from Fitbit -> Airtables, but anything with a web API syncing to Google Sheets (supported in Integormat) should work the same.

Currently my issue is that I am using Nomie for manually tracking various parameters, but I just found out there is currently no straightforward way to automate the data export from Nomie (API exists only for import). So I am researching other options, including an alternative event tracking app like Nomie but with existing API that supports data export. If anybody reading this has any tips I would be most grateful :smile:.

I’m also currently playing around with Integromat for exporting to Google Sheets for one of my trackers :slight_smile:
I’m using memento database, which is an amazingly customizable tracking app, and I think the API should work fine for data export :slight_smile:

Can I ask how do you use Memento database for tracking. I though MD are similar to Airtables with extra
analysis/visualization capability. For me the key is to have something on mobile phone that I can open rapidly that offers me large buttons I can click on to record events - how would you do this using MD?

I do it like this:

Icons on my background on Android

Very interesting, thank you for sharing! So each icon is a separáte app? Did you write this yourself or is this available somewhere? One issue I see from my point of view is that I have by now about 50 variables I track (many not that often), and Nomie allows me to organize them in tabs to be rapidly accessed. I guess one could mimic this with the tabs of Android workspaces (or whatever it is called ;-)), but I am a bit concerned if it would become a mess. What is the data export from this - you send the data directly to Memento? I have to say that Nomie does all of this and has number of useful features that would make it a superior solution (e.g. default values, different forms of input, units etc.), but the inability to reasonably export data is a real killer :frowning:

Memento database also has default values and much more :slight_smile: It also has public API and manual data export as .CSV

The memento database also has tabs.

I don’t think you will become disappointed with it :slight_smile:

Airtables have public API as well, I am using it in the above Integromat setup. But thanks for the tip of default values and tabs - I have to evaluate how important that will be for me. On the downside, Memento seems to be more expensive to use, so I want to make sure I reap some benefits for that increased cost :-).

Still doubling down on my previous question. Is the manual tracking setup you showed in the video your bespoke solution or something available to the public? And how is the data export handled - i.e. is there some cloud database with public API where the data go?

I set the manual tracking up myself, but it doesn’t take very long.
They say they have an API, but I haven’t had the time to use it yet :slight_smile: (Exams in university)

Hi there, I know this is an older thread, but I just found this forum and ran across this question. For exporting Google Calendar to Google Sheets, I followed this article:

I setup the exports to happen daily so I have update to date data in my Google Sheets.

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The problem is that I also sometimes change calendar events days after they happened

I have my script setup to export everything from the current year into a Google Sheet. That way events that were changed in the past get reflected in the Google Sheet.

Is your script personal for you, or can I use it?

You can use it. Easiest way is to go to the link I posted above. On that page, the section " Want to try the script out for yourself? To run it, simply:" shows what needs to be changed to have it work for your Google Calendar. Let me know if you have any questions.