How To Get Food Tracking into Fitbit System

This tweet from QS friend Nick Dawson poses a very good question:

#QuantifiedSelf / Fitness friends - anyone found a 3rd party, easier way to get food into Fitbit’s system? Their web UI is slow and hard.

Anybody know how?

Of course you can reply to Nick on Twitter but it would be great to post some answers here so they are findable by others.

Thanks Gary!
I should have thought to come here first. Especially since the forum provides a bit more room to expand the question.

Specifically, it takes forever to enter food into Fitbit’s web UI and the mobile UI isn’t much better. Both are finicky about units. For instance, on the web if you add bread, it defaults to measuring in slices, which is fine. But if you change the amount from, say, 1 to 2 slices, it doesn’t register the change unless you tab or click around some. Ugh!

Ideally, I’d love something native. Is there something like Alfred or QuickSilver on OS X one can invoke with a keyboard shortcut? Or is there a 3rd party service which interfaces with Fitbit that has an API that a luddite like me can code an Alfred workflow against?

Frankly, I’d settle for anything other than Fitbit’s input UI, so if those pie-in-the-sky options aren’t available, I’m open to any suggestions you may have.

Thanks gang!

I believe you can connect MyFitnessPal to Fitbit and have it pull in your food from there. MFP has a the biggest food database of any meal tracking app I’ve tried (I think they claim 5 million items, although some are user entered) and the barcode scanner is pretty good.

MFP has both Android and iOS apps, along with a workable if ugly website, and a decent API.

I’m sure MyFitnessPal has a decent API–if you’re able to get access to it…