How to know what's wrong with my cognition?

Sometimes I seem to get confused and have a hard time organizing, planning etc.
Other times I forget what I’m doing or what I’m talking with someone about.
I suspect that focus/concentration & short-term memory/working memory could be potential causes, but I’m not sure.

How can I measure which aspect of my cognition is better/worse than the average healthy population?
I want to find out which aspects of my cognition is the most important to improve.

I’ve tried Quantified Mind, but it only gives me a score, so I can see if my cognitions gets better or worse. I want to see where my cognition is compared to healthy individuals, so I know which aspects to improve.

One thought that came to mind is CNS Vital Signs. It’s a cognitive testing software that’s used in medical clinics and academic research.

I had a test done a year ago and found the results interesting. It will give you your score against a population baseline. I suppose you could test yourself every couple of months to see how your score is changing.

I couldn’t find the price so I’m not sure how expensive it is.

Here’s an example report.

Awesome! I will definitely try this!
The only bad thing is that they don’t measure short-term memory :confused: