How to manage my energy levels as a woman

Hi! I’m really interested in managing my energy levels throughout my day. What are you all doing to manage your energy and track your energy levels over time? Any hacks you’ve developed? I’m thinking this could relate to different sleep, eating, exercising, hormonal, menstrual cycle, etc practices. I would love to hear about those as well as anything else you might be doing to manage and track your energy levels. Thanks!

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Hi Melanie, thank you for posting here. Do you feel like you can assess your energy realistically? If so, then the first step might be an observational period of 2-3 weeks where you make an assessment at the same time(s) each day. For instance: getting out of bed and going to bed, you could ask: How energetic do I feel; how energetic was my day? By tracking something simple like this at least daily over a few weeks you set yourself up for designing a project/exploration that can lead to discovery.

If you don’t feel like you can realistically assess your energy, or it varies so much that a daily or 2x daily assessment doesn’t capture what you want to think about, there might be some other good approaches to try, will wait for your answer before complicating things!

Hey Melanie! I’ve done a handful of 2 week experiments studying my engagement and energy during work tasks (to discover what type of work energizes and engages me). In apple notes, I rate both on a scale of 1-5 and take notes on the task, environment, recent diet, sleep, and exercise.
After 2 weeks I’ll review my notes and work towards minimizing draining work or sandwiching it between high energy/engagement tasks.

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The state of brain energy can be objectively traced only by devices.
You have not opened the details.

There are simple conditions.

  1. The brain consumes up to 25% of the resulting energy with food.
    With intensive mental work and emotional stress, the brain needs up to 100 grams of glucose per day.
    You must provide sufficient brain nutrition.

  2. We need high -quality and sufficient sleep.
    Sleep is the basis of health. Sleep - daily vacation from work.
    This is worth tracking.
    See in other topics.
    Insomnia is a big problem for mental workers.
    The norm for falling asleep 10-15 minutes.

Tell me how many minutes do you fall asleep and how deep your sleep is?