How to measure heart rate while sleeping

I want to start tracking my heart rate while sleeping, and was wondering if you have any equipment to suggest.

I have a pulse oximeter (which also tracks heart rate) with memory, but having that device on my finger while sleeping is inconvenient.

One option is using a chest strap together with this receiver and this app, but I’d be interested in knowing about alternatives. A wristband instead of a chest strap would be great.

Mybasis can do this. Sleep is actually when it is best at measuring HR because when awake it gets movement artifacts.

You could try this:

Well its very wonderful for me to know heart rate during the sleep… Because I really don’t have any experience like this…
You have a great link regarding the heart rate checking thanks…

you may also check if this open source, open data, low cost EEG/ECG sensor may be suitable for you. you can have direct access to all your raw data for various analyses, not just summary, using this tiny wearable device: and how to use the data

I have started testing Beddit device and it does track Heart rate while you rest or sleep.
I find it interesting because the sensor in on your bed, you don’t feel it.
Measurement is automated and captured in the online app.
I have attached screen shot of the heart rate graph in this post.
Let me know if I should share more about this solution in case you have questions. It will also help me learn at the same time possibilities offered by Beddit and other solution for sleep tracking.

When you collect more sleep data, you can of course start have some graphs like the one I just attached. I just discovered it in the Beddit online tracker where my data is compiled.

I feel I do not have yet enough experience and data collected but believe I can learn more after I return from holidays.

Any other screen capture of tracking tools members are using ?

Well it is very wounder full to me knowing heart when sleeping. i measure heart rate while i am sleeping .One option is using a chest strap together with this receiver and this app, but I’d be interested in knowing about alternatives. A wristband instead of a chest strap would be great.

How about nothing on your chest nor wrist ?
My tests at the moment with Beddit sensor gives graph data about Heart Rate during sleep.
It shows trend of heart rate (like going down after going to bed and then up before wake up).
In my case it is enough.
Do you think such graph is good enough for you or do you need more data ?

Unfortunately, I have no other method to compare rest heart rate.
Will ask someone formerly equipped with Zeo to compare.
Results I obtained make sense and graphs give good initial infos for my needs so far.


I have been conducting recently some preliminary experiments with heart rate variability (HRV), and my setting consists in the SweetBeat iPhone application, used with a Wahoo heart rate monitor.

Preliminary results of these experiments can be found on this page.

I would be great to exchange in this thread about heart rate analysis & sleep. Any experiments conducted from your side?

Thanks Frederic for posting your work on this topic.
I am not yet so advanced as you are: but I am lucky now to discover some data collected in the same domain.
I have attached screenshots from Beddit pro app (will soon have date from Mobile app beta version as well).
I still lack of some averages on my own data to build knowledge about my own sleep patterns.
Your SleepQS pages are impressive, it gives me several good :idea: ideas.

Let me know if you are interested to get some data from my experiments and I’ll do my best to share ;).

TrueSense allows 24/7 continuous monitoring of Heart Rate by alternating two sensors (using memory module) applied to the same electrodes, all for <$100 for two sets of sensors now. For just sleep monitoring, 1 set <$50 is adequate. you have full access to the raw data (in .edf format) and can use other programs to analyze the data, and you don’t have to lie down to use it.
for attaching electrodes to skin (over chest bone) for extended time period. there’s now ComfoPore breathable, waterproof film available in accessory pack.

I think it makes me hard to sleep

I have never thought about measuring heart rate while sleeping before. So why do you want to do it?

The recently retired basis watch did minutised, fitbit HR does as well (as do other watch type sensors). How fine-grained do you want. If you had a heart murmur and were watching to see if your heart stopped oddly in the middle of the night you might want finer grained data, but if you are relatively healthy I don’t know why you would want much more data than that.

thanks. I will try it

EMFit QS will detect at a really fine grained - you’ll be able to see big spikes in heart rate there. Its also got great analytics for HRV, sleep stages, etc.