How to quantify myself

Hi everyone,

I am a newcomer. I am so excited to find that a lot of people using self-tracking technology and device to monitor their personal data and improve life quality, which inspires me to adopt this sort of lifestyle, too.

May I ask what kinds of personal data are you guys interested in ? Or are there any suggestions for a recruit to begin to quantify and monitor his life?


Hi ShawnSpace,
I am a new comer as well. Although, I have been self-tracking my progress since quite a while now. I workout 5X a week and I eat healthy. My workout and eating pattern changesdrastically from summer to winter and I like to track this process on a weekly basis. These are the certain things I do myself:

MyFitnessPal App: to track my calorie intake
FitBit: to track my calorie output, workout performance, sleep quality/quantity, water intake
WiFi enabled weighing scale it enables to track body fat and boy muscle mass on your phone. This data you can incorporate on your FitBit.

Hi pbaxi,

Thanks for your sharing ! I used to have trouble in low sleeping quality. It seems that FitBit’s products could solve this problem.

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you are right. I use fitbit myself to track how my workout affects my sleep pattern. I realized my sleep quality was much better when i did 1 hour cardio at 7-8 pm as against early in the morning.

Hi Everyone -

I am Dr. Purav Gandhi, I am a new comer as well to this forum. I recently launched a website called as, where we do a health risk-assessment for individuals based on their personal profile, family history and current health problems and then help them do a comparison with people like themselves. I would love to get an feedback / suggestions from people on this forum on how to improve the current offering.

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Start with heart rate variability, which is a good metric for general state of your mental, and fysical state.

A free app to start with is for example; flowgood.