How to track Hair loss more ACCURATELY?

How to track Hair loss more ACCURATELY?

I track my hair loss each month by taking a video, but I find it hard to make conclusions based on it, because of difference in lighting, hair length, video angle etc.

Isn’t there some more precise method of tracking hair loss?

Has anyone tracked hair loss & managed to STOP it?

I can echo the difficulties here. One way to improve the quality of tracking is to take the video in exactly the same way, with the same lighting. I chose the bathroom (assuming you don’t move a lot), and took the video by panning the phone slowly above my head, from left to right, the front to back.

Turned out that the angle made a huge difference in the visibility of my hair loss (top/crown area).

Minoxidil hasn’t done anything for me, and by looking at old photos from the “right” angles, I realized that I had that loss pattern even 10 years ago, and it hasn’t really gone worse since.

What worked far better was going blonde.


2019, roots - meh

2020 - full blonde, also hides the white hair.

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