Howzit from South Africa

Hi All,

I’m a new entrant to a lethargic working environment.
Self tracking motivates me through the grind.
Along with scripting, self tracking forms an integral part for me in the Gamification of my work.
Hopefully I will be able to be more efficient and motivated in the workplace.

I am interested in Dan Ariely’s writing and work with regards to the misconceptions of self and how self tracking can counter act these mistakes.

I am somewhat of an info hog.
I think its one of the most powerful things in the world.

I look forward to learning from everyone.

Hi Chris, welcome to the forum. Tell me about the clip in your signature; why this one?

I think Bruce Lee was a remarkable individual with regards to self mastery which is probably our end goal with the analytics
Hopefully with the correct use of self analytics I can also perform 1 inch punches in no time.