HRV app APIs?

It would be really nice to have an HRV app with decent server push and API support. Both HeartMath and SweetBeat now have server push, which is a great improvement over past behavior. Anyone know if there’s hope for them to add APIs?

Details on what I’ve seen so far:

When I upgraded to a new install of the Emwave2 app it prompted for the creation of an account at HeartCloud and uploaded historical data from previous Emwave session there. I hope, though I can’t yet confirm, that it would automatically upload new sessions there as well. I don’t yet know how well they’re handling timestamps or what the time precision is in the data they’re uploading.

The Bulletproof Executive HRV Sense app (sort of) uploads to The data looks to be of good quality when I scrape the XML from their web site. The time stamps are at 1 second intervals, though the XML only contains local time, which seems like a bad sign. I hope the stuff in the DB is has fully specified timestamps with time zones, but there’s no way to tell. The other problem is that the uploads are session based and running a session for over an hour pretty much guarantees it won’t upload (gives errors and gives up). Sessions less than an hour happily do upload ok though.

Now that both of these are uploading to the cloud, it opens up the possibility of connecting to a given person’s HeatMath and/or SweetBeat HRV session data over an API. I’d love to be able to incorporate these into Fluxtream, but I don’t yet see any evidence of them having APIs.

Is anyone in contact with them on this topic? Is there any way we could try to influence them to add an API and to get the timestamps and syncing support right, as discussed in the API Questions and Answers thread?


I just started playing with Inner Balance app upload to HeartCloud. I found a toggle under settings to sync sessions to HeartCloud, and some sessions have been uploaded, which is a positive sign.

I’d really like to find out if they have a way to export data, preferably with proper fully specified time stamps and preferably including high-res time series data within each session for at least HR/R-to-R interval spacing and their coherence metric. It would be even better if they have OAuth account binding and APIs.

Anyone know what the deal is?

What I’ve seen so far:

It’s great that the app can upload to HeartCloud, but frustrating that they seem to lack controllability and visibility about the process of sessions being uploaded. For example, I let some folks at the QS Pgh Meetup tonight use my setup. I didn’t particularly want those uploaded to HeartCloud, but it looks like one was. Then I did a session at home myself which I’d like to see uploaded. It shows up under Review/History in the app, but hasn’t shown up on the HeartCloud web site. I wish there were a way to prod it into syncing such a session to HeartCloud, but if there is I haven’t found it. (Note that while there is a “share” icon that shows up at the bottom of the session review screen, instead of sending useful data it just seems to send an advertisement. Bleh!)

Looking at the sessions on the HeartCloud web site, it looks like there is at least some time series coherence data being uploaded. The “Training History” session review screen shows a date, start time (though only in local time, sadly), duration, and a little graphic for "[size=small][font=‘Helvetica Neue’, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]Coherence Over Time". [/font][/size]

Inspecting the element for the little graphic yields a couple of elements that look like this: [size=x-small][font=‘Helvetica Neue’, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif][/font][/size]

It’s possible that the combination of those elements, the start date/time, and duration could be parsed into some partially usable time series coherence data. However, that path has pretty low time resolution, and timestamps generated that way are not likely to be very precise. It would be pretty pitiful if that were the best answer we could find for getting the @$%@% data out of their system. That’s even worse than the HRV/SweetWater XML hacking described in the previous post.

I’m hoping for a better answer. Does anyone have some useful pointers?


Have you tried any of Marco Altini’s (iOS) HRV apps? No Web API, but at least you can export data.

Thanks Eric. I hadn’t see these before. The HEART RATE VARIABILITY LOGGER looks promising from reading the blurbs.

Have you tried it? Are the time stamps, granularity, format, etc. any good?


hi Anne,
you can find sample data at the bottom of this page:
it should be comprehensive, but there is always room for improvement. let me know if you are looking for something different.