HRV apps for Polar H7 that include SDNN


I bought a Polar H7 heart rate monitor and downloaded an app from Cardiomood. I’ve been having some trouble with the app and have questions about the reliability of their calculations, especially for the HRV value they give.

I finally decided the SDNN seemed more reliable. But now I can’t get the app to work well and so I’m looking for another app to use instead. I downloaded Selfloop, but so far I can’t get that to work (I might need a cable).

I just want to find an app that can let me use the Bluetooth on my new Moto X smart phone (without a cable) and that will give me the SDNN data in a convenient reliable way.

Anyone have any suggestions?


There’s a list of apps on Wikipedia: Heart Rate Variability page

you could try the HRV Logger that gets you all HRV features (time and frequency domains). However given issues with fragmentation on Android, I cannot guarantee the app to work on any Android phone. Give it a try, I believe you can cancel the purchase if you have problems getting the app to work:

Feel free to contact me if you have questions on the app or features. In general, I would suggest using rMSSD as a metric representative of parasympathetic activity (i.e. lower values indicate higher stress, and higher value a more relaxed state).