Hrv data

Hi - I hope this message is posted in the right forum. I have ADHD so I’m not very good at navigating the Internet. I wonder if there is a sub-forum in QS dedicated to HRV data and how to interpret it. Or if there are any dedicated thinkers in here that is engaged in the subject.

Hello, Harry. Welcome to the forum. We’ve had a good number of QS Show&Tell talks on heart rate variability. I think all of them have some sort of explanation of HRV.

Here are few (they are videos with a transcript):
Tracking HRV in Meetings
HRV As a Measure of Willpower
Heart Rate Variability and Flow
Effect of Ketogenic Diet On Heart Rate Variability
Using HRV as a Stress Alert

Like many other physiological measures, HRV can’t be looked t in a vacuum. Interestingly borderline and schizophrenic patients have a very high HRV ad so kids and athletes. What does this really mean? As a short term measure of stress, there is no clear mechanism that explains this because as a measure of sympathetic response, it is poor.and perhaps like stress, your reaction and interpretation may be more important than the maker itself.

Thank you Steven - input very much appreciated! I will look into the videos!
Thank you Marc - yes it’s complex and propably shouldn’t be used as a stand alone tool! I got curious about your notion of mental instability and HRV - where would I go if I would like to investigate this further?

All the best!