HRV Expert by Cardiomood data export from phone to excel or some other place


I would like to know if its possible to track HRV every morning and get it imputed to some place as numbers that i can use for excel. Or automated so i can just track, send and see the data acumulating.

Right now im using HRV Expert [color=#3366ff](Play Store Link)[/color] for tracking. It gives all kinds of values and allows txt file export to dropbox. I was wondering if someone knows how to pull data from a new file in drop box and imput it somewhere for accumulation.

Example of a txt [color=#3366ff](Dropbox file)[/color]

Basic steps what i want to figure out.

1.Measure with an app + Polar H6
2.Export somewhere
3.Automatic logging in excel friendly form

If this is not possible then i need to do this by hand i gues.

The website gives this kind of results [color=#3366ff[/color]](

Have you asked them if they’d consider adding a csv export option (or integration with Google Fit)?