HRV Issue with Apple Health

I just noticed something odd in Apple Health. I manually track certain data points from Apple Health and elsewhere in a spreadsheet. One of the data points I track is HRV. I just noticed that my daily average HRV for the prior day varies depending on if I swipe from today in Apple Health (i.e. swiping right from today to show yesterday’s HRV data) vs. if I swipe from two days ago and I swipe left to show yesterday’s HRV data. Swiping right shows a daily average HRV that is 17 ms higher so not insignificant.

  1. has anyone else observed this or can you replicate?
  2. does anyone have an explanation for why this might be?
  3. does anyone know how to report an issue with Apple Health to Apple?

The source for my HRV data is my Apple Watch.