Huge stress spike and anxiety in the evening - How does it affect my recovery and sleep? (Self-experiment)


It’s commonly known not to exercise late evening because that will affect sleep quality. What about a stressful and exciting event without physical exertion?

I regularly had this kind of event on Tuesdays. I participated in Improv classes for a few years (class ends at 21.15 or 21.45).

My body reacts strongly when performing in front of an audience. We can see that from the Garmin watch that measures daily stress, I’m on the same level as after one hour run.

I begin to investigate this with the following hypothesis:

  1. Big stress spike in the evening will affect my sleep quality and recovery
  2. On the second day, I will see good numbers on readiness (HRV & Heart rate)

Analysis, results, and pictures can be found:

Do you have similar examples in your life? A stressful, exciting event in the evening regularly. How does it affect your sleep and recovery? Would be interesting to hear


How much do your sleep scores vary on “boring” nights?

I don’t have an obvious correlation between evening exercise and sleep, but social activities push out my bedtime, even if they are early in the evening.