Hyperbaric oxygen guinea pig


I am looking for ideas of things to track while I undergo hyperbaric oxygen therapy. What effect if any might it have on my body?

I am in the midst of week three of a six week treatment.

I started this because of this paper: Aging

I find the potential speculative healthy aging benefits intriguing (increase telomere length by a mean of 20% and decrease senescent cells by a similar amount). Plus there seem to be numerous other benefits.

I had a blood draw for measuring my telomere length at about day 4. I will likely get another blood draw soon to mark the midpoint.

I am trying to use an app with my iphone / iwatch I think it is called Sleep+.

I am taking a self portrait every couple of days to see if it changes my skin.

I am weighing myself every other day but probably need to fight my fitbit scale bc it is probably not uploading my data to the cloud.

I got a body scan from BodySpec about 1 week ago.

Granted I am woefully late in asking for advice but figure some data is better than none.

I have very little free time, so I strongly prefer things that are very trivial to track but I will consider anything.

So, in sum, I am interested in any ideas of things I should measure in a “before vs after” sense to get an idea of what changes there might be as a result of this treatment.



Measure your BRS.