I am looking for hot first impression feedback

This week, I have launched a web app for tracking correlations between all aspects of my life: https://app.getdailys.com/

What I am looking for now is first impression feedback. I am especially interested if you visited the webpage and chose not to sign up.

If you could give me even one line about why you didn’t, that would be extremely useful.

If you did sign up (welcome!) - I am also very interested in features that you would like to see.

As I am very active with the development, any request is very likely to get implemented. So don’t hesitate :slight_smile:


I recommend renaming ‘happiness level’ to ‘mood’ and including a gauge for energy level. Something a bit like the russell’s circumplex. I am a PhD candidate in psychology who has been designing mood tracking apps over the past couple years and I often get feedback along the lines of (1) people want to track more complexity in their emotions, and (2) they want to report feeling tired without saying they feel bad. I would steer away from using ‘happiness’ specifically since that is a very specific option.

Have you looked at moodimodo and betterself.io? They each include options to incorporate data from existing trackers and that could lower logging burden while increasing the richness of results.

also I generally like the design and how clean it looks. Not sure what level of feedback you are looking for.

This is actually extremely interesting. I need to think about how to implement this, but it’s great to know. Any PhD candidate info is a plus, thank you for sharing your knowledge! :smiley:

I would like to ultimately implement auto-tracking, but this will come as the app improves :slight_smile:

In term of feedback, things like what you like in the app is good. What can really be useful is, if you didn’t sign up, is a short line on why not, so that I can improve this aspect. :slight_smile: