I built a quantified self analysis tool inspired by this forum

Hey all, this is my first time posting so I’m sorry if I’m not following proper etiquette here.

I was inspired in Dec 2017 to build a “self experimentation” and “self analysis” tool that consumes data pertaining to my productivity, health, finances and trend lines to show correlations between the three.

The goal was to aid my own self experimentations so I can determine with better certainty if a newly introduced habit, activity, diet, etc. is effective with data to back it.

The tool is http://Meports.com and I’m super open to feedback/suggestion as this community is who I built this for.


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Hi Ethan,

I find the site somewhat confusing, in your post you mention “correlations between productivity, health, finances” but a quick glance on your website only shows stuff about genes… can you clarify?