I can focus far more when drinking coffee

Hello, when I drink a coffee I feel much more intelligent and focused. Working makes far more fun.

What exactly does the coffee do to my brain?

Do I lack sleep?

Is there an other way to gain the same effect without regularly using the drug?

Maybe there are psychological tricks I could apply, to get into that state?

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Dear anonymous1989,

Great that you are interested in your state of mind and it seems like you would be willing to experiment. However, this forum is not an expert-forum but is about self-experimentation/self-ttracking. If you want answers to your questions about the general population you should google your answers somewhere else. However, if you want to get answers what coffee etc. does to you personally, this would be a good time to become a QS-er; track your coffee/sleep amount, experiment with other technique’s that should boost your intelligence (the internet is full of it) and try to find a way to measure your intelligence/focus. Compare it with each other, be critical, and you’ll find your answers.

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Here’s some experiments I ran on myself - using the online app quantified-mind.com


Coffee impacts my brain alright, but there are many different cognitive functions of the brain, and it seems to impact some more than others - motor skills & reacation time the most.

I would say everyone is different however - it would be great to get other experiments like this run to compare with.

Regarding improving mental focus - you should maybe check out the book ‘The UltraMind Solution’, for me (and I think many others), diet has a massive impact to cognative function.

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