I want to help you automate data imports to your personal dashboard

Hi QS Forum!

I started my QS journey two years ago and just recently realized I have enough data to start analyzing! My friend André and I both built personal dashboards to track different health and productivity metrics, but it’s such an annoying chore to keep the data up to date. Since our backgrounds are in software engineering (him previously at Microsoft and me previously at Atlassian), we’ve been building a tool to make the data importing and syncing easier. It works with any tech stack and allows you to pull data from many different sources so that you can analyze it using your tools of choice.

If you’re curious, you can check it out at: https://oneapikey.com

It currently supports the services that we use (and a few others), which include:

  • Wearables: Fitbit, Polar, Whoop, Oura
  • Productivity: Notion, Airtable
  • Time Tracking: WakaTime, Toggl
  • and Others: GitHub, Discord, Medium, Patreon, Reddit, Vercel

Part of the pain of integrating with third party services is that you have to go through an application process for many of them. We’ve got a bunch of services that are working but haven’t been approved yet (including the Google suite) so you can expect many more options in the coming weeks. We’re also working on adding the ability for you to set up services that we don’t support on your own. If we are missing something we don’t want to block you!

I’d love to know if there are services that you’d like to see included. I’m also happy to jump on a call to help you automate any integrations that you’re struggling with.

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