Idea of life tracker application -- need feedback

Hi everyone!

I am writing to ask your opinion about my idea. I plan to create the service for life tracking and maintain motivation so I collect expert’s opinions. I would be grateful for reading descriptions and feedback.

What is the idea? I will tell you an example.
Many of us do not always keep healthy lifestyle habits regularly . Also we have not enough motivation to do sports or drink more water and stop eating sweets.
Because of these and other issues (productivity, hobbies, self-development, social obligations, etc.) we want to help people be better, realizing the idea of “don’t break the chain” - do something on a regular basis and it become your habit and the idea of kaizen - improve yourself constantly.

How will it be done?
The service will automatically collect activities from favorite applications, make up and visualize statistics of completed task (gym attendance in check-in in foursquare, mark about the glass of water which has just been drunk in waterbalance, chain extension of healthy eating in service, check of emails, calendars and to-do lists for some day planning, the number of push-ups and plenty more). Thanks to this users will see their small wins in the form of graphs that will motivate to continue improving themselves.
Service also will remind to extend the chain, make up digests with infographics and user ratings.

Now I analyse the quality of idea, test a conversion and communicate with experts, work over initial functional.

The problem is to cover a lot of user cases. I think about detailed working out of all cases in the queue (first - healthy lifestyle, second - self-development, third - productivity). And in general, is it a good idea to track all user cases in one place? Or better to choose only one story and develop it?

I would be very grateful to hear your opinion and criticism about the idea.

Landing page for conversion (first version, continue to work):

Thank you for your attention.
I look forward to your reply.

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Dear Natalia, thank you for posting your idea here. I like the idea that people in the QS community, some of whom are very experienced, can help people quickly advance to doing something useful and meaningful. I will give you my frank impression that the idea of a generalized life tracker to assist with forming and maintaining good habits is far too similar to dozens, perhaps hundreds, of other self-tracking apps to be successful unless you have some very original ideas. Many, many such projects have been started, most of them have been abandoned, but a few have survived. Of course the place to start is by thinking about the current apps that do what you’d like to do, and an analysis of what you can add that’s different and useful. If you want to share some of your thoughts here, I’m sure will will get good feedback.

I feel your site is quite simple. outside of contact is email, it have nothing

Awesome idea! However, I believe that people should employ all the data themselves. I like the current idea of smartphone habit tracker apps as they provide people the possibility to get to know themselves. They track what they want, when they want, and how they want, and the rest is done by the app itself. The app gives you statistics, insights, graphs, correlations on everything you do, in other words, it analyzes your data and gives you numbers on which you can choose to act and build a better you. It allso gives you the entertainment and motivation just because you want to feel better and see better numbers. So you take this info and start changing everything step by step. A few examples of those apps - symptom and habit tracker, Effecto app. I’ve been using Effecto app myself. It’s been almost a year already and it’s really great. Definitely worth trying.