I'm creating an app that helps define self-experimentation and need your help!

I’m building an app that let’s people define what they’d like to experiment with (new diet, supplement, etc.), define what determines success, measure it, and ultimately determine if it was successful.

Here’s an example GIF of me building an experiment in the UI:

My struggle right now is to provide a semi-comprehensive list of example experiments that people would be into trying out. So I ask ya’ll to fill out this quick little survey which outlines the framework and asks what you’d be trying to accomplish:


Also here’s the website if you’d like to explore/sign up for the beta:


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This kind of tool could be very useful (see also https://mementolabs.io/); the catch is that most people need guidance on what experiments to do (and how), and the data often ends up being too messy for automated analysis…

What kind of statistics do you use to determine if a goal (like losing 5 lbs) has been reached?

Hey Eric sorry it took so long to get back to you, have been hard at work building the backend.

I pushed a major update to the landing page that addresses your questions:

  1. Our goal setting (coach) experts help you define a goal and structure experiments for a cost
  2. Statistics are very cut and dry. You want to lose 5lbs in a month? Great, there’s your goal. Month goes by, you only lost 4lbs, sure you failed but you determined it worked so maybe try again but reduce the timeframe.

Such a talented people to share your knowledge with us its a great thing. That was a useful tool. Very happy to read these information and gain the knowledge. Keep update