I'm the dev of FIT PLUS and I need your opinion to improve it


You know Google Fit on Android :

It does the work if you just want to know how many steps you did today.

But Google didn’t just make the app they shared an API to allow anyone, even a French indie dev like myself, to use Google Fit data for making his app.

So I work on Fit Plus:

The purpose is to maximise the use of Google Fit data (and I’m quite proud of the widget)

The app is available (google play link if you want to try it) but still in development. In fact, it’s quite a tech demo.

I make my first post on this forum because I think that my app will be useless if it’s not respond to a real need. And I think that people on this forum are the kind of people that know what they want when we are talking about quantified self ! :smiley: )

So I would like to know if an app that give more data and analysis than Google Fit would respond to any of your needs or if you would like something completely different (display only the weight you could lose for example).

Any comment on my actual app would be also a great help improve it (don’t be shy, friends of mine have already said awful things about it! :stuck_out_tongue: )

By the way I have a blog about the app with a post by week if you want to take a look.

More about me and the blog :

The posts :