I'm very glad I found QS!

Hi everyone,

I just found Quantified Self. Looks fantastic.

I have been tracking some things (like HR during workouts, and various other data of the workout) forever. And I have done blood glucose measurements on and off with the old finger-pricking method. (I had gestational diabetes during my pregnancy–so I had all the stuff from that. And it means I’m at higher risk of diabetes. So it seems worth watching every so often.)

I very recently started using a CGM, and I have been thinking about ways to link all the things I want to link. Which is everything. heh.

Sleep, mood, food, exercise, blood sugar, energy… all of those :wink:

This looks like a great forum.


Welcome to the forum!

Can you tell something about which tools you use to get an insight in the things that you track? Do you make overviews or graphs in any way?

@MySLOG: Thank you!

I use GymGoal Pro and Polar Beat/Flow regularly for the exercise/HR data. GymGoal Pro makes nice graphs for me of things like !RM over time, and total volume over time. I have been thinking about what metric to use for the cardio… I do so many different things–jogging, hiking, running, intervals, and I may be didn’t track that well enough to simply do dist/time/HR info… maybe. I haven’t looked at it in detail. I’ve been focused on lifting the past couple years.

I use MyNetDiary for food – and previously for BG tracking. That app (with Max version) also allows for graphing lots of things you can choose.

I’ve just started playing with sleep apps. I tried Sleep Cycle for a while, but I am not convinced it was giving me accurate results–nights that I am sure I was awake at 3:15am, the app did not show it! I just used Sleep Score last night for the first time, and I think it was better, but only one night of data so far.

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Yes, welcome! Quick question about your tools: I’d never heard of GymGoal Pro until you mentioned it, and just looked it up. It looks really interesting. Have you tried exporting the data? Can you get it in tabular format?

@Agaricus: Yes, you can. You can download a zipped file that contains an excel file (it’s possible it was a csv file that I converted). Here’s a sample I had on my computer:

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