Improving aerobic endurance by non-running training

Can I improve my aerobic endurance by other means than running?
I plan to set a baseline using the Cooper test, and retest next year. My other aerobic exercise will be ropeflowing, no running. I plan to gather HR, HRV, VO2 max (estimated using Apple Health data).

Good luck with this project Jan. Your expectation that other aerobic exercise should increase aerobic endurance seems logical, what are the barriers or doubts that prompt the experiment?

In wanting to avoid high impact activities, like running, walking/speed walking has been my choice. During such walks my focus is on heart rate zones and long slow distance. Good info is found by referencing Phil Maffetone as well as Uphill Athlete where they focus on Aerobic and Anaerobic Thresholds. Walking was my choice due to Covid gym shutdowns. So far so good for my HR.


Sounds good. I use a recumbent stationary bike for the same thing. (Bad back.) A $12 fingertip pulse-ox device gives me an easy-to-read heartrate, though I also have a Fitbit that gives me a summary afterwards. I find I need to get my rate up to 115-120 to really get good results. But everyone’s different.


I like running, but I also like Octorope rope flow. A bit much to do both, since I also train kettlebell sport three times a week. So I decided to stick with the ropes, and find out if this kind of workout can also improve my endurance.