Insight, an all-purpose Android Tracking app

Hi everyone, I’m part of a small group making an Android app that we’ve called Insight which is for tracking just about anything. We didn’t know this community existed when it was started or released to Google Play store, so this is a bit late, but I’m really hoping to get more involved here and get some feedback on it.

You can design your own polls with varying kinds of input, (eg. slider scales, numerical input, cumulative increments) and view the graphed trends lined up together. I’ve also included in the pro version a button to do cross correlations on every pair of trend lines (accounting for whatever regularity or lack thereof in your data’s timing) with time lags, so the idea is that you can get an estimate of how one trend may be affecting another.

Once you’ve collected enough data, it can tell you, for example, the time range and delay that stress increases after coffee is consumed, outputting the results like “Stress: Strong, positive match to caffeine, 6-8 hours later”

Here are the links to the free and $1 version:

The app does not send your data anywhere. It’s stored entirely within your phone and can be exported as an excel spreadsheet or raw file.

Thanks for your time and I really look forward to any feedback you can offer us. We’ve been hoping for a community like this since our app project began. We’re very much open to critiques, suggestions, and questions.

My question to you is can you import information into it from other sources and do the same kinds of things?

What kind of sources? Websites? External devices? Or data from other users of the same app?