Instant app- Track your life automatically on a dashboard

Hello Quantified Self community,

We just launched on Instant for iOS & Android that lets you track your device usage, places, fitness & travel automatically! It puts all this information on a dashboard which you can export as a csv too!
For more please visit:

We are going to integrate cycling, sleep tracking & allow users to sync this data to a web dashboard as well! We need your feedback and thoughts on this.
We really want to have the entire QS community to help us design & develop its roadmap ahead. I can be reached at as well.

I am really going to give it a try. I am doing a project on Instagram, like a diary where I collect data from every day, so it will be very helpful and it can give me more ideas and information about what I have been doing during the day without missing anything. I’ll let you know if it helps! Thanks for sharing it

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Thanks Maria, that sounds really interesting! We have various graphs you can now share. Also we are coming up with an image summary so that you can directly share to social networks like Instagram!

Thanks! This last option to share on social media is awesome so you don’t have to take a screenshot and then post it on Instagram. Look forward to hearing from this new feature!

We just launched this feature!