Integrating data from things like Google Fit/Apple Health/Smartwatches into our health app - should we build these on our own manually? Or use a 3rd party service that handles the integration

We want to add an integration into popular health tools like Google Fit/Apple Health/smartwatches etc.

We’re unsure right now whether we should build these manually (in which case we might have to do maintenance/updates manually too), or whether we should go through a 3rd party service like HumanAPI or Validic that do these (which seem to be very exorbitantly priced).

It’s a tough ask, there are a number of solutions out there from new startups, I wouldn’t go with Validic or HumanAPI due to the sheer cost and lack of useful integrations. What type of data are you after?

It depends. How important is adding the integrations to your app ? Is it a major feature, that needs the data ?

If so, then I would think that it takes a lot of work creating, and maintaining, and thus I would need an internal team doing the work.

Then i’d compare the cost between having an internal team, vs outsourcing!