Integrating Fitbit, Google Photos and RescueTtime into can now integrate your data from other services to automatically build daily timelines and dashboards.

I’d love to get some feedback from people here who use RescueTime, have a Fitbit or who like taking photos on a daily basis and sync them to Google Photos.

Here’s a 5 minute video on how the process works.

Everyone’s welcome to try it out at - if you have time to send me some feedback, I’d appreciate it.


Mate this looks fantastic. I’m currently committed to manual tracking for the next couple weeks but as soon as this experiment is over I think I’ll give event loggers a go and I suspect it could become a core part of my process. It looks like a really convenient work flow across multiple features.

I have some questions.

What are the plans for pricing? It’s currently free to use, is there a plan around how long that will be the case? Or public information about what conditions might change that? Or what the current profit model for the business is?

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It’s completely free. That might change in the future if my costs go up significantly but only for people who join after that point. Basically, if you’re one of the early Members and continue to use it, I couldn’t imagine ever charging you - that’d be like asking family to pay.


Alright I’ll give it a go! Is there somewhere in particular I can learn more about you? Like, do you have a blog or vlogs or public facing socials or something?

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I haven’t really focused on marketing this project.

This is me on LinkedIn:

Feel free to DM me if you want any specific info.


Hi Dean,

This looks great keep up the good work. I Love how you integrated it into a hourly breakdown of the day into a timeline. Google photos is something I do to track my day as well. It’s nice how you integrated into your tool :slight_smile:

Do you have any plans to add Google maps to this app? :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to add Bluetooth beacons to this as well? I would love it if I had a Bluetooth-Beacon in each room and car. This way I could track my time spent in each location and have it added into you the daily timeline you’ve set up. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the kind words about EventLoggers Jesse - I use the Google Photos integration every day for my food diary and tracking my “free” time and outings. I’m surprised that more QS’rs don’t use their phone camera as a tracking tool.

I’ve tinkered with Google Maps data but, at least in my case, I find the data it provides either isn’t very accurate (it’ll log a visit to Tim Horton’s as a trip to the adjoined gas station, for example) or at the least, it requires a lot of manual work to fill in all the “missing activities”. Here’s an example from just today…

But now that I think about it, that may be partly because I live in a fairly rural part of Canada in a small town?

I haven’t explored bluetooth beacons in any depth though I have looked at stand-alone IoT buttons . (There’s another thread on this forum that bemoans the lack of a reliable, inexpensive IoT button, btw.)

While the idea of passively tracking my location by room, etc is enticing, I’m concerned that the data might not correlate to specific events/actions which is what is all about. For example, a bluetooth button could confirm that I was in my office from 2 to 3 pm but it probably wouldn’t be able to discern whether I was working, cleaning, napping, etc.

If you have buttons that log data to an APPI endpoint though, please get in touch and maybe we can whip something up for you to see if the data would be useful. I’m curious!

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