Integrating medical devices/clinical APIs into an app for end users - should we build this integration ourselves, or use a 3rd party service

We might be making a native app that will be used by patients for tracking health metrics (things like Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar).

One point we’re mulling over is integration into medical devices that several users already use to measure their day to day metrics.

We were wondering whether we should build that ourselves (which would be really timeconsuming, considering the sheer number of medical devices), or whether we should use a service like validic, which seems to literally cost an arm and a leg.

In my view, it would be a mistake to build an app that has key dependences on Validic for integration. This is a high cost service aimed at, in their words, " large corporate wellness providers, Health IT companies, Clinical Research organizations, health and fitness startups and sport related organizations." The word large is very important in this sentence. Data integration is not a very easy challenge, so if you are just starting up you would probably be better off directing all that time and attention to the features and benefits of your own solution.

Many different devices that are BT-enabled use one of the popular cloud storage options. Once there you can use cloud functions to combine, visualize and run statistics or move to wherever you want.

It depends on the importance this has to your business. You would probably need an internal team doing that work

If you’d like direct bluetooth integration which is often a much better user experience you end up having to delve into the sensors manufacturers specs, this can take a lot of time to do. We’ve done it ourselves, happy to help!