Integrating with apps to track consumption / emissions

Hey QS community,

I’m reaching out from Tomorrow, a Danish/French project that aims at measuring all ones CO2 emissions passively, based on integrations with other services (we already integrate with Tripit, Uber, utility companies, etc).

The reason for me reaching out:

  1. All the integrations are open-source, and thus could be used in other QS projects (automatically track your electricity consumption, plane trips, and much more)
  2. Some of your members may be interested in tracking their CO2 emissions (just like Björn Hedin did in his show & tell)

We’re interested in getting help to develop these open-source integrations, and of course for people to test our private-by-design app :slight_smile:

You can find our community here, and our github here .

We’d be super grateful to get feedback, ideas, people we should reach out to, or other tools you believe we should integrate with.

Thanks again for the inspiration over the years! just gives an empty page.