Interviewees needed at the upcoming conference in Amsterdam!

Dear Selftrackers, we need your help!
The Quantified Self Europe Conference in Amsterdam is getting closer! At the conference we would like to conduct interviews about self-measurement, as we are currently working on a research project about this topic at the University of Trier. It would be absolutely great if some of you could help us with the interviews which take about 20 minutes! If you’d like to arrange a fixed appointment for an interview, you can send us your suggestions for a date via email: However we’re also going to place a stand-up table at the conference, so you can easily find us for a spontaneous interview.

We thank you very much for your support and we’re really looking forward to seeing you!
Nicole Zillien, Gerrit Fröhlich und Mareike Dötsch

Hi Gerrit - I wish you good luck with your research at the conference. I think you would attract more interest if you found a way to express why doing these interviews will be useful for the people who participate in them. Will we learn something? Or? I’ve seen a lot of research attempts in this area and it always helps to provide some reciprocal benefit.

Dear Gary, thank you very much for your reply!
Indeed, we’re going to provide some of our findings as soon as we have analyzed the conducted interviews. As early as possible, we’re going to inform the community about the outcome of our research! We can offer to edit the data and to contribute an entry for your blog and/or this forum, if you’d like that.
Besides we would like to thank those who have contacted us and shown their interest so far!

Great!! I would love to have you contribute something of what you learn here.