Intestinal Permiability Testing

I was wondering if anyone has had this done and what kind of test they got. Thanks.

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I don’t know how to test that, but it’s an interesting idea. I would like to test it, since I do various experiements to try to reduce the permeability.

Way out of my depth on this, but maybe IL-6 would be a clue?

IL-6 gives some interesting info regardless…

Another tidbit that might be useful: Michael Lustgarten used microbiome testing to observe his levels of butyrate-producing bacteria as a clue to his butyrate levels, based on the idea that butyrate improves gut barrier function.

I would be looking at IL10/12 levels. I will check out the link you sent after work. Thanks!

This website looks like a start: Lab Testing for Leaky Gut.
SIBO may be another thing to look at.

tested negative for SIBO. The link you sent contains information provided by a ND. I consider that a non-scientific source.

Hi ig,
I don’t automatically rule out ND if the information they provide seems to make sense or correlates with other information I consider good. Most of the references were pubmed, I also didn’t see a buy my product approach (another red flag).