Introducing Cubii, an accessory for your fitness trackers

Hi everyone,

About 2 years back, I was amazed with the growth of fitness trackers. Around the same time, I started a full-time job. Although my fitbit worked great, I could not find a good “source” to remain active while I was at work.

That is when Cubii was conceived. Its an under-desk elliptical trainer, that lets you stay active at work, making sitting healthier! It wirelessly syncs to a mobile app via bluetooth, and seamlessly integrates with existing fitness trackers via an API integration.

The project is currently live on Kickstarter ( Would love to hear your feedback, as well as get your support to bring Cubii to life!


PS: Don’t miss fellow QS Chicago chapter organizer, Eugene, later in the page.

I’m intrigued to know who you see as your target market? Here in the EU I’ve never seen or heard of anyone using “under the desk” machines but know they’re pretty popular throughout the US. Maybe it’s a market maturity issue? Do you see many international orders?

That said, this looks like a very well manufactured product - good luck guys!

Direct Kickstarter link for the lazy.