Introducing myself

Hi QSers -

I’m Ben Sima - I’ve been tracking my health ever since high school when I lost a bunch of weight and started actually paying attention to exercise and nutrition. Now I work as a freelance software developer and make homemade medical devices for tracking my health in my free time.

I love the quantified self movement. I’ve followed the movement from almost the beginning - I was a big fan of Seth Robert’s blog and actually went to a memorial event for him in Berkeley a few months ago. I’m here to actually get to know the core community and participate in the discussion. I hope to learn a thing or two from you guys in the process

howdy Ben! neat background. I am sure we will learn from your experience.

Hi Ben and welcome to the forum!

What have you made for yourself? I’m super curious about the DIY QS projects floating around.

Any change you’re local to the bay area (you mentioned Berkeley)? We have a QS Meetup coming up soon on November 11th.

Wow I just saw this - sorry for the late reply! - but I’m working on creating a general blood sensor right now. In the past I’ve created an accelerometer-based device for tracking head injuries, but it turned out to not be so useful. I’m done a lot of health and fitness tracking, including using an portable ultrasound bodyfat analyzer (I didn’t make it myself). But the most interesting thing I’m working on is the blood sensor, you can read about it here:

I’m certainly interested in DIY QS stuff too. Are there any other communities I should join for this, or is this the best one around? This forum is great but it seems a bit sparse sometimes.

Unfortunately I was only in Berkeley for a short while. I had to move back to Rochester NY to make money, but I’m still looking for jobs in the Bay Area. When I move back out there, I will certainly join one of your meetups!