Introducing myself

I would like to introduce myself.

43 year old, Turkish , just moved to Stockholm/Sweden. I work for a well known brand SIEM product (Security Information and Event Management) which has a lot of correlation use cases inside. I simply try to tell my customers correlation and scenarios.

not long ago, when I was 40, I was diagnosed as ADHD, and I have severe Anxiety at the same time, everybody knows that ADHD and Anxiety feeds eachother and might be difficult to diagnose. When I was diagnosed as ADHD, I also was happy to see my therapist biweekly about my anxieties. At that time I thought about a project where I keep record of my moods. I say moods because at that time, I had a couple of stressors that seemed to have a big role on my fluctuating mood. I had the iMoodJournal app( to track my mood. I could only correlate my mood with time and with #hastags that I have given. I have learned that I am going down on fridays (weird huh?) but I never was able to extract why I am down on Fridays.

Recently I have found this QS movement, I am trying to collect data as much as I can, several and similar apps, and trying to decide which one fits best, but having adHd, “H” is making decisions even harder.

So I am still collecting data at the moment.

I will share my new project in other forums.

Best Regards