Introducing Sink: An iOS App for Tracking Anything and Everything in Your Life

Hello Quantified Selfers!

I’m excited to introduce you to Sink, an iOS app we’ve crafted specifically with the Quantified Self community in mind. With Sink, you can effortlessly track, tally, analyze, and sync various aspects of your life. Whether you’re into productivity, fitness, or just love data, Sink might be the app for you.


  • Track Literally Anything: From miles run to cups of coffee consumed.
  • Siri & Shortcuts Integration: Automate your tracking and integrate it with other QS tools.
  • Real-time Google Sheets Sync: Everything you track is automagically synced to a Google Sheet in your Google Drive.
  • Data Portability: Export your data to CSV or JSON for further analysis in any tool.
  • Apple Watch Compatibility: Track on the go, right from your wrist.
  • Complete Privacy Control: Your data stays with you.
  • And More: iCloud Backup, Rich Insights, etc…

Why We Developed Sink

As two software engineers with a keen interest in data and personal growth, we found existing tracking solutions lacking in flexibility and features. So, we decided to build something that we would use ourselves.

What Sets Sink Apart?

  • Deep Integration: With Siri and Google Sheets.
  • Privacy-Centric: Your data never leaves your device unless you want it to.
  • Customizable: Add numeric values and notes to make your tracking as detailed as you’d like.

I’d love for you to try Sink and share your feedback. You can download it from the App Store. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask!

We’ve got some promo codes for 1 month free, reach out if you’d like one!


Interesting. Does this “sink” with Apple Health?

From the screen shots on the App Store Sink is sunk as far as I’m concerned. It looks different to Apple’s Health App but suffers the exact same problem — the data subjects are presented in isolation from each other making it impposible to correlate things.

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Not yet, but it’s absolutely on the roadmap.

Sink’s primary aim is data collection and aggregation. We include some basic forms of analysis in app and intend to add more, but we feel that analysis and visualization is much better accomplished on a real computer, using a dedicated tool… hence the Google Sheets sync and CSV/JSON export. The mobile device is just handy for gathering data as you go about your life.

Agree on the need for a dedicated tool.

Then what does Sink offer over and above what I can already get from using Apple’s Health app on my iPhone/iPad with additional data gathered from adjunct apps on my Apple Watch? All of which come pre-installed for free on those devices. In marketing speak, what is Sink’s USP?

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With Sink you can track any arbitrary event, walked the dog, read a book, took my meds, studied Spanish, masturbated, brushed my teeth, called a friend, introduced myself to a stranger, had a fight with my partner, worked on my app, etc… all of which can be done without even opening the app, just through Siri commands. Further, you can use Shortcuts to track events when things happen on your phone, Opened YouTube/Facebook/Reddit, or when things happen in your “adjunct apps”, of which Sink should be one! Additionally all of this data tracked into Sink can be automatically uploaded to a Google Sheet on your Google drive in real-time without the need to do anything else or you can manually export CSV or JSON.

But I can already do that using the Apple calendar app. “Log” each event with an entry at the appropriate time on the particular day. And again do that with Siri commands and Shortcuts. Then later mash it up with the Health app’s data, even if like the author of the paper that I mentioned here in a previous post Personal Dashboards for Self-Tracking Data - #88 by glimfeather some of the data items are repurposed.

I don’t see that as a USP. I don’t use Google products. Neither would see an automatic upload to a companion (anaysis) program running my Macs as a USP.

I already do from the Health app but into XML and thence into CSV and, if I must, using csvkit create a JSON encoded form. From the Calendar app an ics file which with minimal grep-age can be extracted and merged with the Health data.


I am still trying to see what Sink’s USP is and honestly sm not seeing one. Just seeing other ways of doing same things, The wheel does not require imrpovement what is needed is a fundamental change to transportation.

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No worries, sounds like you’ve got your workflow dialed then!

Looks great!

Just one suggestion: Capture the local time zone offset when an event is recorded. Useful for those of us who don’t spend their entire life in the same time zone :grinning:

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Good call. Appreciate the feedback. I’ve added it to the backlog.

Pretty cool! I was looking for an app like this. Is it available on Android?

I’ll bite. What about us folks who consider mental observations/values/decisions + data to be critical? For example, what about run quality? what led to the run being successful? In terms of someone moving toward a healthy diet, there could be a metric to track Positive Diet Choice, whereby the user decides to log an item or meal choice that was healthy to thereby see how much success is being had (perhaps useful after making a poor choice (six chocolate chip cookies). But it’s still a limited picture without being able to tie in mental notes. Life is, after all, not just activities or events but what inspires them or transpires from them. If I can’t catch the flavor of the moment as the data is recorded, how deeply useful is it?

Will this only be for iOS or do you plan to eventually put it on Android? Cuz I think Andrea deserves decent app like the one you made