Introduction and a question about HRM Straps and GoogleFit

Hi all,

New to the forum and hoping to attend my first meetup in London tonight, so if you’re there please come and say hi, I’ll be the one looking really rather confused! :slight_smile:

I’m a Systems Engineer/Software Developer by day and a Dad/Husband by night and I’m only just starting out properly on my QS journey, so expect a lot of questions…

I’ve just installed and configured and it’s working brilliantly, the one thing I’m missing is a way to link my HRM chest strap to it.

Given that I’m already feeding in location/pedometer/mobile browser/etc data via the Android App that connects to GoogleFit, it seems to make more sense to just stick my heart rate into GoogleFit and let dbconnector pull from there with all the other metrics, however I can’t find an app that will run in the background and constantly measure my heart rate from a strap and insert it into GoogleFit.

Before I go off and try and write such an app, is there anyone out there who knows of something that already does this?

I don’t want to switch from the strap to a wrist device for two reasons - the first is that I want the accuracy and additional features of a strap HRM, the second (and probably even more important!) is that wearing things on my wrist really annoys me and I can’t get comfortable! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for any help,