Investigation of the use and gain of GPS-Tracking-Data

Hello Q-Selfers,

i wanted to know how you use GPS-Data. With GPS-data i mean data such as visited locations, altitude, movement speed or movement acceleration. It possibly can also be a running track or similar, which is a combination of the 4 mentioned parameters. My aim is to investige the use of motion profiles for “Q-Selfers”.

Which information do you want to receive from these data? And how do you prefer to track it?

Thank you very much for your help!

I collect tracklogs for outdoor trips and the related driving I do. These tracklogs are useful for obtaining summary stats and planning future trips, but useless for fine-grained “movement acceleration” data.

I also use the Moves app, mainly for keeping track of what places (rather than just coordinates) I spend how much time at.

Thats a very usefull answer thank you! It is interesting that you mainly do not use it for sports but for planning and reconstructing of where you have been.

Maybe some others have experience with this topic too ?

Does somebody know where I could find scientific papers regarding the topic of collecting tracklogs for self-quantified-purposes ?