Invitation — personal glycemic index experiment

Are you interested in blood glucose tracking?

Nutrisense is one of the new companies making minimally invasive CGMs available directly to users. The current approach of all these companies is to provide the sensor, app, and coaching to help achieve a health related goal. Co-founder Kara Collier and her colleague Simon Dunne contacted me recently to talk about blood glucose testing in the Quantified Self community. We ended up discussing the personal glycemic index; that is, understanding our own, individual response to specific foods.

They’ve generously agreed to donate a few month long trial memberships — including the Abbott Freestyle Libre CGMs — to forum users interested in developing a personal glycemic index Show&Tell talk. I think we’ll have access to about 5 devices/memberships, to support a month long blood glucose measurement project. Please DM me if you want to join.

For reference, here are some interesting blood glucose related links from past talks and projects:

  • Eric Jain’s Show&Tell talk and blog post. He used a Freestyle Libre and made some interesting observations on how physical activity affected his readings.
  • Richard Sprague’s Show&Tell talk. He used a Freestyle Libre and tested various combinations of foods in a meal to see the glycemic impact.
  • Jenny Horner’s blog post. She used a finger-prick glucometer and was surprised to find some very sweet foods did not spike her blood sugar.
  • Ben Best’s Show&Tell talk. Ben, using a finger-prick glucometer, tested many foods for many hours.
  • Justin Lawler gave a Show&Tell talk on what he learned from wearing the FreeStyle Libre for eight months.
  • Bob Troia gave a Show&Tell talk on the effect of Oxaloacetate on his fasting blood glucose.
  • The Quantified Ketonian. An interesting blog chronicling a series of personal blood sugar experiments throughout 2019.
  • To learn more about the pioneering work by people with diabetes in the QS community and their fight to gain control over their medical devices and data, watch our talks from Dana Lewis and Lane Desborough.
  • QS Guide that walks you through the process of validating your device.
  • The paper on developing personalized nutrition through blood sugar and microbiome testing from Eran Elinav and Eran Segal.
  • The paper on testing people’s individual response to white vs. sourdough bread from Tal Korem, David Zeevi, Niv Zmora, Avi Levy, Eran Elinav, and Eran Segal.
  • A couple easy-to-digest presentations of Elinav and Segal’s research: an animated video and a PDF from a presentation given by Elinav.

@Agaricus I’m interested in helping. :slight_smile:

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@Agaricus I’m interested in the project.

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Great, @Giuseppe_L can you DM me with some background on your interest, what you are thinking about exploring with the CGM?