iOS App for Tracking Choices -- Feedback?

Hi there,

I’ve created an iOS app called ChoiceTracker. I had you fellow data nerds in mind when doing so. Is it appropriate to share it in this forum? Would it be okay for me to share the link to my public beta? @Admin

What is ChoiceTracker?
ChoiceTracker is an app that allows you to focus on a daily goal. Each morning you’ll set a goal and track your choices as they relate to it throughout your day. Just made a choice that brings you closer to your goal? Tap on the “+” button. Did you make a choice that takes you farther from your goal? Tap the “-” button.

You can see your history over time and export all data as a CSV file.

Thank you!

Matt Green

Hello, Matt. Feel free to share the link to the beta.

Thank you =)

Here’s the beta link:

I learned today that iPad export is broken. I’m working on a fix.

Thanks I’m advance for trying it out. All feedback is welcome.

iPad bug fix completed. Awaiting Apple’s approval to push new version