iOS App - Heart and Breathing


we’ve created an iOS app called HeartBreath.
It is a biofeedback tool that addresses the relationship between respiration and heart rate.
RSA - respiratory sinus arrhythmia.
Paced breathing and HRV measurements from the iPhone camera or a bluetooth HRM.
Also inspired by the work of Dr. Richard Gevirtz.

The app is published on the App Store.

If anyone is interrested in free testing, I can post a TestFlight link here.

In addition whe have an experimental version that integrates with a Faros (180) device (live display of ECG and more).

Erwin Gabler

Does your app including functionality to extract data in a format compatible with other HRV software (e.g., gHRV, ARTiiFACT, KUBIOS)?

Hello Michael,

we have an option to export session data in a simple format that is compatible with KUBIOS.
It writes a list of “TimeStamp RR-Distance” pairs to a textual file that is attached to an eMail message.

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Ok, here is a link for free TestFlight testing:
Looking forward to every kind of feedback.