iOS Shortcut to creat an iPhone One Button Tracker

I thought this post from Reddit about trying to create a shortcut that had some similarities to the Totti Labs One Button Tracker was interesting. I started to implement it but ran into an issue and don’t have time today to troubleshoot, but thought I would post the link here in case anybody else wants to give it a go.

Link to post is here: iOS Shortcut for Appending A Timestamp

Maybe this could be useful?

I also like the idea. I use the action button in the Apple Watch Ultra to log different Nutrients (I leave the amounts already set up with the dosage of my supplements) and Symptoms (unfortunately very limited: only the presence, not the intensity) into Apple Health.

Now I thought of adding two other options to log the time of my showers and baths to a CSV file. I would then use this information to tag them in Core’s Cloud dashboard. (I tend to take hot baths, which are great for the pain, but this usually causes a small spike in my core body temperature. If I am not careful about the time of the day and the temperature, I assume it could negatively affect my circadian cycle. So, better keep an eye on that).

I built a an app that I use for a similar purpose (free and available for iOS and Android). I was playing around with siri integration back in April but haven’t gotten a chance to deploy it yet. If anyone is interested I can try and publish it in the next few weeks. You can also sync data to a google sheet. Here’s a very unedited demo :smiley:

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