Is anyone else getting their genome scanned by

And are there any disadvantages compared to 23andme?

I registered but am still waiting to see when I can finally start participating.

Thanks for all your great questions, InquilineKea! I had my 23andme scan done, but I haven’t registered for yet. Let us know how it goes!

Lack of confidentiality is my major reason for not doing

That said, if you are selected, seems to give considerably more information and I believe uses a full genetic sequence rather than just selected SNPs.

I’m skeptical that genetic testing is very valuable, as the exposome changes your regulatory protein sheath in realtime, and the RPS controls what DNA can be copied by RNA. In other words, environment trumps genetics most of the time!

I’m wishing to receive a specific sequence from a particular chromosome only. Can this be done, and inexpensively?