Is it possible to export more than 8 days with RescueTime without buying premium?

I tried using this Jupyter Notebook, but it only downloads the latest 8 days:

Can I somehow download more than 8 days without buying premium?

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Not sure what the current policies are for 1. CSV export, and 2. API access, but have you tried asked them for a copy of your data?

TLDR: If I recall correctly…
CSV - full data once every 30 days
API - 90 days for non-premium members, full history for premium members.

I’m not affiliated with RT but I really like it. This is from their website: “You can generate a complete archive of your logged time for export in CSV format every 30 days. Premium subscribers can always export their data from our normal reports.”

As for API access, I believe it’s limited to 90 days unless you’re a premium member. I use their API at EventLoggers and it used to pull in the most recent 90 days of RT data the first time. I’m not sure if RT cut back on that. (If someone wants to try it, create a free EventLoggers account and then connect to RT here: - )

I took a quick look at the code in that Notebook… I don’t write python code, so I might have missed something but I didn’t see any hard-coded date ranges. However, I did see this piece of documentation that resulted in a 404 not found when I clicked on it… “NOTE: Run RescueTime Downloader to first extract your RescueTime data and prepare your info for Data Analysis”

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It looks like it isn’t possible to download a CSV every 30 days anymore…

smarter time unloads everything though

Yes, but that’s only for Android, and not for computer (Windows)

Assuming you live in the EU, they’re supposed to give you a complete copy of your data on request. I’d ask them, and see what you get…